Southern Hungary - Trip to the countryside

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My trip to Southern Hungary covers only a drop by to Pécs and almost a week spent walking and roaming around the River Dráva in Somogy County. 

Pécs is the capital of Baranya County and full of history, art, beautiful buildings... also Pécs was the European Cultural Capital in 2010. If you only look around the main square, called Szécsenyi Square, you can find a mosque (turned into a catholic church by now), the City Hall, the County House (photo below), Janus Pannonius Museum. The County House's pedestals are made from red sandstone and its facade looking to the square is much more decorated than other buildings on the square with the famous Zsolnay ceramics. Just of the square is the National Theater of Pécs and the rest of the town is in walking distance. 


As it happened I spent the Easter and the week after in a small village in Somogy County. Its on the South, next to the River Dráva. The river is fast flowing and dangeres with its strong currents and whirlpools but the area around is magical, rich green and abundant wild life.

Roaming on the contryside, nature and the beautiful spring landscape means the ultimate relaxation for me. Some choose to come here for hunting, some like me to discover the hidden country roads and meadows and of course to spend time with my family. 

The blooming fields of rape are golden yellow. Its strong scent reminds me of my childhood, as a beekeeper's daughter I helped with the honey spinning. If you have the chance try rape honey. Hungarian honey is well-known for its quality and flavours anyway.


Its only a tiny slice of the country so stay tuned for more stories and images (follow me on Instagarm). See you next week. 

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