Daffodil Day and some (hi)story behind

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The Pasha's Garden in Babócsa has quite a few interesting stories to it. Legend has it that the large field of daffodil was planted during the Turkish Subjection because the pasha wanted to enthrall the women in his harem with it. Till this day the daffodils are held in high regrards amongs the locals.  Every year when its blooming the village of Babócsa is holding Daffoldil Day as celebrations of the flower and its rich, interesting history. 

This little flower even has its own totem like sculpted copy at  the entrance. 

Stangely enough under ground the Garden has even more valuable bits of the history. The Turkish Subjection was long enoght to leave a turkish bath, fountain and other relics behind. The artifects were preserved, but sadly because the initial excavation had a low budget most of the ruins found were buried back and not on show today. The only ruins still visible is of the St. Egyed Church. The Church was first mention in the 13th century, so this now small village had a colourful and important role in history that can be still discovered through its natural and buildt beauties. 

To learn more visite Babócsa's website: http://www.babocsa.hu 

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